Knee Joint pains: Knowing it in detail

Published: 09th December 2010
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Pain in joints is a common problem that brings patients to a doctor’s doorsteps. A joint pain can be due to various reasons like natural aging, injury, infection, disorder, breakdown of bones and tissues or over usage like high-impact activities and sports. A knee in the human body is the largest joint which makes you move, walk, run, turn around and squat without any pain. A combination of bones, muscles, ligaments and soft tissues in knee keep the body stable and active. The weight bearing joint and complex in design makes it commonly injured joint of the body. Moreover, any acute injuries due to falls and missed footing can make the knee joint painful.

The knee joint constitutes of two bones- femur covers the above region while tibia below region. These bones are further supported by four ligaments and a patella known as knee cap. The synovium filled with synovial fluid in joint provides nourishment to the cartilages and elasticity in movement. This ensures friction free and pain free movement of the knee. The individual can bend the joints up to 135 degrees and extend to 0 degrees.

Some of the common injuries that cause knee joint pain are:

Ligament injury: A trauma or a fall can cause injury to inner and outer ligaments portion of the knee. An immediate pain or swelling in knee needs medical attention.

Meniscus tears - The meniscus can be torn during rapid and sharp movements of knee. This injury is common with sport person. The meniscal tear is associated with locking of the knee joint.

Tendonitis – Tendonitis can be caused due to damaging of the knee with activities like jumping. The term refers to inflammation of tendons which causes swelling and pain in the knee joint.

Fractures - Severe knee injury due to vehicle accidents can cause bone breakage in any of the three bones in the knee joint.

The knee joint provides support to body for bearing high pressure and force while performing tasks like standing, walking, sitting, swimming, and running. Lastly, the patient suffering from knee joint pain can help the medical expert by telling the exact location for knee joint pain to diagnose the problem in better manner.

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